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As you may or may not know I have been on something of a creative (reading, blogging, etc.) slump for the last several months. My posting has been severely lacking and my drive to share and discuss books on this platform has waned. But, I would like to change this. So I have decided to institute the following changes:

Develop an Editorial Calendar to have a structure to what I post each week

Ideally, I would like to keep my posts to no more than 3 per week. During the school year (Late August to  May) I am unable to devote the kind of time for daily posting so I think three posts (with the proper structure) is very doable for me. More discussion on my blogging organization will come in a later post as well!

Vary Up Content

I love books, you love books, we all LOVE books! But… I don’t want this blog to turn into a review site. I read, I love writing reviews but it can drain my creative process sometimes. My theory is because I take so much time thinking about what I’m going to say, I lose all the joy I had when reading said book. However, I do think reviews are incredibly important AND I will still write them but most likely only once per week (maybe two if necessary). I also want to divide my posts into three different categories:

•Book Reviews
•General “Bookish” Posts (Features, Tags, Recommendations, Wrap-Ups, etc.)
•Non-Bookish/Discussion Posts 

Review Changes

Write book reviews no longer than 24-48 hours after reading. Sometimes I have a bad memory about books read, especially when its been several weeks later as I write the review. I’m less likely to but my full attention to it when I can’t adequately describe what and why I liked or didn’t like something. Writing the review when its still fairly fresh in my mind always seems to work better in the long run!

Ask for Help!

Sometimes I feel like my blogging slump is due to a lack of ideas. I recently found two amazing posts from one of my favorite book blogs, Bookmarklit very helpful!

Book Blog Posts Ideas & Discussions
Review Writing: How to Stop Hating It

Now, Ideally, I can use resources such as these to help me when I have creative slumps like this later on!

Take a mini-break when needed

Breaks are okay. They reset and have reset my creative juices and I’m thankful for that. But don’t take too long with this because I have found that the longer your away from what your creating the harder it is to get back. This is why I love posting on social media! It allows me to create something in a much smaller scale until you’re read to move on.


I hope these changes will help me in keeping this blog consistent and combat my creative slumps in the future. I love reading and sharing and allowing my perfectionist tendencies to get in the way keeps me away too much of the time. I’m not blogging to be perfect. I’m writing to share, create and gush about my passions which I need to keep in mind.

How do you combat creative slumps? 



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